About Our Osteopaths

About Our Osteopaths

Osteopaths at Flourish are fully qualified, government registered, and full members of Osteopathy Australia.

While our practitioners are trained in all areas of osteopathy, each of us has our individual areas of special interest and unique approach to osteopathic treatment.

Sometimes we may recommend osteopathic treatment from one of our other osteopaths if we think their approach will be more helpful for you. We work as a team. Flourish osteopaths respect and value the role that other health care professionals contribute to your overall health. Because we work with other health care professionals, you are assured of receiving the most appropriate and effective care for your needs.

The Osteopathy Australia is the professional body representing Australian osteopaths. It promotes osteopathic awareness and education in the community, liaises with regulatory bodies such as Medicare, WorkCover, Government departments, universities and health funds.

Dr Robert Sinkora B. App Sc. (Osteopathy) Member AOA

Rob first worked as an analytical chemist, and during this time he developed a keen interest in the quality and nutritional value of the food we eat. He is also a qualified teacher and is committed to patient education in his work as an osteopath.

He has maintained a strong interest in human movement and function for most of his adult life with a background in long distance and marathon running. He was involved with Tai Chi over many years, and was chief instructor for Professor Wong Lun in Melbourne for ten years. He has also studied the Feldenkrais Method of human movement.

Rob believes in a broad-based approach to health and works constantly to improve his osteopathic knowledge base by regularly attending advanced professional development courses. Rob as an osteopath is committed to the concepts of Cranial Osteopathy in his practice. Rob is also an examiner at University of Western Sydney (UWS) student exams and Royal Melbourne Institiute of Technology (RMIT) final year Osteopathy student assessments.

Robert has many specialty techniques which he brings to his Osteopathy work. He is constantly updating and deepening his knowledge of Osteopathy and his expertise as an Osteopath, to serve you better.